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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Bernalillo County sheriff’s deputies say they were assigned to start investigating an Instagram account with the username “stolen scat” earlier this month.

The account is known for posting videos of illegal street racing and fleeing from law enforcement vehicles.

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Instagram racer arrested after posting videos of illegal activity

See this PSA from a Scottsdale PD Detective and an ATF Special agent.

What you will see is a Glock firing 30 rounds at 2.3 seconds, this is because machine gun conversion devices also known as Glock switches or Auto Sears are being installed in semi-automatic Firearms. Converting them to fully automatic firearms in just a matter of seconds.

Learn how to identify them, and what you are looking for when inspecting a firearm.

Contact your local Task Force Officer or ATF officer for help on these matters.

Phoenix Machine Gun Conversion PSA

Funded DNA Testing for SAKI Grantee Agencies for Unidentified Human Remains from Sexually Motivated Homicide Cases

All work performed on site (no subcontracting)

On Saturday, May 4th, 2024, The Battle of the Badges Event took Place. Below are a couple of photos from the event in Mesa, Arizona.

It was a great opportunity to promote our chapter to law enforcement agencies across Arizona and at the same time help raise money for injured officers. For more information on the event please see the AZ LEOs Facebook page -

Battle of the Badges

On April 10-11, 2024, MCAO Investigations Division – Crime Analysis and Research Unit partnered with LeadsOnline / Cellhawk to provide cell phone analysis training to law enforcement in Arizona. MCAO hosted the 2-day training at our office. The Southwest Chapter of the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA) provided lunch on the 2nd day while students completed their hands-on practical exercises. There were over 30 attendees from the following agencies:

MCAO – Crime Analysis and Research Unit

MCAO – Investigations

Phoenix P.D

Gilbert P.D

Buckeye P.D

Apache Junction P.D

Yuma P.D

Marana P.D

Flagstaff P.D

Rocky Mountain Information Network (RMIN)

Cellhawk Training

Building Career Excellence with Leadership of Self as Priority! This YouTube has various playlists that helps you grow your leadership, your analytical skills, and your work-life harmony as a law enforcement analytical professional.

Our mission is to shift the culture of law enforcement analytics to be the professional driver of policing operations.

Excellence in Analytics

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Description: In this week’s episode, Brian Novotny shares with us his passion for law enforcement by sharing stories from his diverse background. He began his career in fraud investigations, and then went on to work in gang investigations and as a paralegal before becoming a crime analysis supervisor. He talks about ethical questions and dilemmas that he has faced during his career, and how he was able to overcome them. Brian’s goals are to bridge the gap between sworn and non-sworn employees and between small agencies and large agencies. The question he is currently working on: How can larger agencies provide support to agencies with fewer resources? Brian Novotny is currently Crime Analysis and Research Unit Supervisor at the Maricopa County District Attorney’s office in Phoenix, AZ. He is also the director of the South West Chapter of IALEIA.

Name Drops: Bill Clayton (15:22), Chuck Scoville (24:49), Chris Henningsen (01:08:21)

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Analyst Talk with Jason Elder: This is our first and main podcast show and it is an interview-based audio show where analysts share their experiences, career-defining stories, and passions. This show is published regularly every Monday on our website and wherever you get your podcasts. For more about this show, click here.

Meet Abby Neisner, our exceptional Criminal Intelligence Analyst, as she introduces our groundbreaking database transforming cold case investigations. Learn how this innovative tool connects jurisdictions, fosters collaboration, and earns recognition from the Arizona Association of Crime Analysis.

Unlocking Cold Cases:

Abby Neisner Introduces Our New Investigative Database

Emerging Professionals Group (EPG) Board

Training & Materials: EPG Lunch N' Learn - with Russ Porter (3/13/23)

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Real Time Crime Centers

What is a Real-time Crime Center?

According to the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), the mission of a Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) is to provide a law enforcement agency with the ability to capitalize on a wide and expanding range of technologies for efficient and effective policing. Such efforts may allow law enforcement officers to respond quickly, or even immediately, to crimes in progress or to those that recently occurred.

Where can I find more information about a Real-time Crime Center?

Motorola Solutions provides a list of RTCCs around the US at:

In addition, to Motorola Solutions, and the BJA, the National Real Time Crime Center Association

(NRTCCA) stands at the forefront of empowering professionals in the field of crime prevention and law enforcement. Our commitment lies in offering comprehensive training programs designed to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to establish and operate real-time crime centers effectively.

Whether you are looking to create a new center or seeking NRTCCA Certification, our specialized training ensures that you stay at the cutting edge of technology and best practices in the dynamic landscape of crime analysis and prevention.

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Real Time News...

Tempe unveils city’s new Real-Time Operations Center

A new tool for first responders in Tempe will allow the city to improve how emergency services respond to people who need help when moments matter. The Real-Time Operations Center uses about 1,000 cameras across the city to help officers find evidence of a crime and to respond to calls more safely. The cameras have been installed along roadways, parks and city buildings. ″This is a game changer,” said Greg Ruiz, Deputy City Manager over Community Health and Public Safety. A room inside of police headquarters is full of monitors, with busy areas of the city on full display. There, the small but mighty team is ready for an emergency. “We are shaving time off and as the city becomes more congested, more calls for service, etc., we know time matters,” Ruiz said. “Time is what really makes the difference; time to get to the people that need to be rescued, time to provide medical care and sadly, time to neutralize the threat.” Using cameras that have been in place since 2008, operators will be able to support first responders in the field with an eagle-eye view of the area where an emergency may be taking place. “Only when we receive a 911 call do those cameras then become available to the operators,” said IT Director Jared Morris.

To read the article, please visit:

The Albuquerque Police Department gave KOB 4 an in-depth look at its state-of-the-art Real Time Crime Center. Story:

LVMPD’s Fusion Watch is a 24/7 real-time crime center situated in the LVMPD Fusion Center known as the Southern Nevada Counter-Terrorism Center (SNCTC).

The Farmington Police Department calls it the future of policing: high-powered cameras that monitor streets and parks in real-time to prevent or solve crimes.

REAL TIME CRIME CENTERS | Episode Three: Seconds to Safety: Scottsdale, Arizona to take a look at one of the most technologically advanced real-time crime centers in the country.

Glendale police unveils new technology with 'Real Time Crime Center' ABC15 gets first look at Glendale PD's Real Time Crime Center. More on the new technology:

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