The Southwest Chapter of IALEIA formed in 1997, and “The purpose of the Southwest Chapter shall be to advance high standards of professionalism in law enforcement intelligence analysis. In addition, the Original Bylaws state the following “Functions of the Chapter.”

A. Enhance public and official understanding of the role of intelligence analysis in law enforcement;

B. Encourage general recognition of the practice of law enforcement intelligence as a professional field;

C. Provide a forum where criminal intelligence analysis training can take place;

D. Share information and promote networking;

E. To voice the informational needs necessary for analyzing criminal intelligence;

F. Facilitate improved performance quality in law enforcement intelligence analysis by furnishing advisory and related services to law enforcement entities.

Since its creation the Southwest Chapter has worked to meet and exceed in these founding goals and ideas. Although the work tasked to Criminal Intelligence Analysts has varied over the years these core principals remain our focus. Imagine if the founders of the chapter knew then that today’s technology would be such a driving force in our profession. What was once an extensive project of mounds of paperwork can simply be stored in a standard .jpg file today. Cell phone analysis, GPS mapping, social media postings, and similar daily tasks for analysts now were mere ideas on concepts back then. As we move towards the next generation of criminal intelligence analysis, we can never forget our core principles. Working with law enforcement personnel and the public to understand what we do, maintaining the work we do as a professional field, continued training, and continued improvements in our chosen field to better serve and protect the communities we work and live in.

Thank you for visiting the Southwest IALEIA Chapter website. The Chapter Board hopes you find it full of interactive material that will help you in your career path or just learn more about the crime analysis profession. If you have any questions, want information on chapter membership, or need further assistance please contact any of the board members.

Brian Novotny

Southwest IALEIA Chapter President